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I am really hoping that Caleb kicks zacks ass next week

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I picked that as Noel”s figure immediately. I really want to know whether it was actually Brant in the hoodie or whether it was a stand in. Might help in going back to see if he’s ever helped out A or Alison out before.

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A is on the attack.

Anonymous asked: Hey! So, I don't pay much attention to details when I watch PLL (which is stupid cause it's the point of the show, but whatever) and I was wondering if any of you guys here has seen that red armchair from the end of last nights episode somewhere before? You know, before, in some of girls' homes? I don't have time to rewatch and find it but if anyone has seen it, maybe that's a clue to finding -A. Maybe it's in Melissa's place, or Aria's...

Heyy! Of course, no it’s understandable! A lot of people don’t :D You really don’t have to, I mean sometimes I think, would I be able to understand everything if I didn’t look into everything in such depth, and I really think you can, because the plots and understanding and theories, are always told out by the girls in plot lines, if that makes sense :D But yes! That armchair is from Spencer’s room!

this is the only scene I can remember where we specifically see it, it’s from back in Season 1x22 “For Whom the Bells Toll” :)

I’m intrigued to about this chair, because, was this given to her by someone we know or has it been there since day 1? I can’t remember her being given it, so that’s out of the picture. Does she know there’s a secret apartment, if so what does she have hidden in there? Next, someone walked over, knowing it was there so was it someone who knows her well? Melissa perhaps, or have they just searched her room before and came back for a visit? SO MANY QUESTIONS! But ahh, I guess we’ll find out if Spencer knew about whatever was in there eventually. I mean we’ll see her go to look for it and find out it’s not there or something. Well that’s what i’m assuming and hoping, because I’d really like to know how much knowledge Spencer has about that compartment :) But thank you for the question! It most definitely is Spencer’s chair and A was in Spencer’s room! :D 


I think we can safely assume Melissa put the rat in Paige’s locker.

-Paige ratted Melissa out as one of Monas army members
-Sydney mentioned it not being someone on the swim team
-Spencer got freaked out (strongest person on the show) but melissa bare handed it like it was nothing…



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"were you buzzed"

"you don’t want to put it out there 2 days before his engagement party"

yeah okay let’s victim blame because it was definitely hanna’s fault that an adult was touching her

let’s protect the guy because you don’t want to ruin his life even though he’s a creep he should still be happy who cares about hanna

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hollisterco: Got a secret, can you keep it?

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omfgezria asked: Hello! I'm a new Pretty Little Liars blog and I was just wondering if you could please let your followers know?? I would appreciate it heaps as it's super hard getting a blog off the ground hehe xx (Ezria blog

Heyyy! Ahhh welcome! & yes, I completely understand! I was a new blog once! It’s hard, just tag all your thinks with everything PLL related and the follow will grow! :D but of course no worries!

GUYS, if you’re an Ezrian shipper or a PLL fan all round, check out this new blog! I knew what it was like to start out, and it was a struggle to gain follows, but if you love PLL, why not follow another blog! It doesn’t hurt to follow another blog for more updates, relevant information and theories! :) 

Anonymous asked: I started rewatching season 3 and it starts off with the PLLs in their senior year. In season 5 they're still in their senior year and the Christmas episode has yet to air. So that means 3 seasons in half a year? How's that possible haha? Btw I love your blog!!! Xo

WOOOO FOR REWATCHING! It’s so fun, you pick up on so much you didn’t before! ahahha but YES IKRRRRRRRRR! I’ve seen Marlene make fun of it before, the fact they’ve dragged it out so long HAHAHAHA. but yeah, they have dragged it out, I mean I understand why, because if they sped it up to full speed, they’d be out of High School before they know it, meaning they’d have to end it quicker because what’s going to happen after highschool yknow!? But, they did say they’re going to skip the college year, and fast forward to them in Summer, sorry i’m getting off track! But Marlene once said something along the lines of “getting back to filming the never ending school year in Rosewood” something like that and made fun of it :L But they did just finish the Christmas ep, like you said, meaning they’ve either finished or almost finished school! So it is coming to an end ahahahah but yeah, the reason they dragged one school year out for so many seasons is because they had to, in order to keep the show running with them all together in highschool for as long as they can, yknow + with Ali coming back and they wanted her to be in school, so they had to drag it out for the right moment to reveal she was alive, and for the moment for her to come back, and finally go back to school yknow, but yeah :D I don’t mind, I mean I understand why they have to do it yknow, or else everything would just be happening to fast and they’d have to deal with the problem of how they’re going to continue the show after they finish school and with college and all but yeah :D & THANK YOU SO MUCH! That really means alot thank you! I appreciate it :’) xo Thank you for the message and the compliment! :D

umxcalum asked: .. kill one of the liars and it ended up that she was one of -A's dolls. i also think i would be creeped out if i was moving -A's things and saw all the stuff. wouldnt you call the police? and plus its the girl that got "kidnapped" for two years...weird.

Very true! Yeahh, he could be involved in the A business, I wonder how A recruits people, like how do you begin to ask someone for their help in the terrorizing of some teenage girls! HAHAHA but anyway yeah! I would be creeped out! But, again nice theory, thank you for message me, i’m sorry I can’t be fully behind it, but personally I don’t think he’s involved. I feel like he was just a character put in, to give the parents, specifically Ella some more involvement in the plot :) But that’s just me! I could be completely wrong! Thank you again for the message :D

umxcalum asked: personally, i think that Zack (aria's moms boyfriend) is -A. he has the engagement party all the girls, their families, and boyfriends / girlfriends will be there. he is close to aria and he was away when all the major stuff happened so they would never think of him! he might end up living with aria and thats close to aria and all the girls. we never thought shauna would be -A but we had our thoughts. when shauna revealed herself as -A, i thought of mona. she did the same thing. tried to ...

hmmmmm, you’re right in him being unlikely and suspicious! However, the only problem, sorry I don’t mean to sound like i’m shutting you down or anything, it’s just that his character was introduced so late in the series, and he’s not of much significance. He seems very much like a side character, only there for a side plot, and that slide plot would be, after seeing tonight’s episode, that he’s involved in pedophilia. I mean he could still be -A, but personally I don’t think his character is of that much importance to be such a main figure in the show. + ‘A’ started before he was in town, therefore he couldn’t have been A, seeing as Mona was A and she finished up during the season 2 finale, then someone else took over, and told Mona what to do, Zack hadn’t been introduced by then, if that makes sense! Sorry, I don’t mean to sound rude or ignorant, but there’s some questions that come along with him being A. However, don’t get me wrong, you could be right! Perhaps he’s involved, done something to the girls, or is being managed by ‘A’, however in my personal opinion I highly doubt it, especially because he’s not a series regular, and I think he’ll have left the show sooner or later, especially seeing as the truth about his actions towards Hanna will probably come to light soon :D I’ll continue on to your other message! :D

static-electricity asked: Hello again! I am going to continue this chat as I am excited to have someone just as invested in Haleb in Sydney. Well besides my friend Elise who is equally as obsessed as us. We have been non stop talking about the episode since it aired. I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THE KISS. It was just so perfect, their chemistry is outrageous. I am enjoying drunk Hanna so much, especially when putting Ali in her place. Loved it when Caleb did too! Omg if they come to Sydney we must legitimately stalk them!!

Of course! WOOO :D YES! Last week, and their sassy-ness, I loved it as well! I like that they’re standing up for themselves, I mean I always suspected Caleb to but now Hanna’s come out of her little shell, if that makes sense. How did you like this weeks episode? They’re really messed up hey, but I’m still loving it! I can’t wait to see where else they’re going to take this! Also tonight, did you notice how Caleb still had logical responsibility in not taking driving her home! That’s why i’m on board with it, they’re getting drunk and such, but they’re still responsible for their actions and potential consequences :D AND YESSSSSSSS! I would go crazy ahahaha I’d love to meet them, and I guarantee they’d be the absolute sweetest bunch, ahh it would be amazing! :’)